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 Announcing Shunya’s
Teachers for Teachers community program 🚀

Ekta Grover 
Founder, Shunya

Hi Teachers

Chances are you landed here and you are already one of those selected few who is willing to stick the neck out and create a different reality for Teaching - more participative, inclusive and Teacher centric.

Congratulations on taking the first step !!

Shunya was created with a heart and a mission that learning outcomes should be equitable, and Technology can be the core driving force behind it. In many ways, Shunya was born with those car rides I took since 2016, and understood how children learn - and most importantly how I could combine my skills to build a technology to power long term learning outcomes. 

Early this year, we created Shunya after 60+ extensive conversations with teachers. For over 2+ months, we just spoke to Teachers, without jumping into writing a single line of code. We heard their struggles with existing technology, and most importantly, how they were forced to think that they could adopt Technology.

COVID ‘19 and the pace at which Teachers adopted Technology changed that. We are taking this even a step further.

As our app runs Pilots across India and feedback pours in, we are now doing exclusive focus groups with a handful of teachers, who will participate in exclusive discussions, demos and also build distinctive new skills while learning from a EdTech Startup. This further amplifies our values in co-creating and co-partnering to build better Technology.

What will your role be ?

You will be a part of exciting usability studies, MBA like case studies where you will debate & discuss the tradeoffs of the existing tools you may be already using in your classrooms (incl. Private coaching) and in this process you will build new quantitative & qualitative capabilities and be a part of highly curated and Exclusive community of Educational Change Leaders. 

This is not a mass good morning-lets-stay-intouch-community. It is a highly curated community that wants to lead the change. A community that means REAL Business, and will be orchestrated by an ambitious startup, ours :)


Why are we doing this ?

The challenges that teachers are having with technology are very real.
Eg : In many schools, teachers need to physically collect the notebooks or corrections are long pending and distributed over WhatsApp, sharing Google meets password everyday, Google forms, pdfs, custom apps to check & return HW’s, Google classrooms, Microsoft Teams, updating school portals, white labelled app. And this is just a surface of the invisible iceberg that is eating teacher productivity and mental wellbeing, day after day.

Teachers across the world, spend 40% of their time on teaching related non-core activities. This time can be well spent on mental wellbeing and redirected for student learning and their own capacity building, And the current tools are robbing you of productivity, rather than helping you. It’s criminal, to say the least.

Our dream with Shunya was to create a singular platform for online teaching which will consolidate all requirements of online teaching on one platform. As we expand our reach, we plan to take it to a higher level 🚀 by launching our Mega Community Program. And you have the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive community.

What’s in it for you ?

✔️  Become part of a highly curated Shunya’s Teacher’s Community Program - Teachers for Teachers

✔️  Special invite only workshops and case studies - Its like doing mini MBA !!

✔️  A deeply rich learning experience, analytics and access to the findings 

✔️  Opportunity to be a part of the book & report we will publish after these pilots

✔️  Be included in usability tests of our product, have the first access to get to know how it works - You will never look at the apps you use the same again. PROMISE !!

✔️  Have the unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with teachers throughout India, and participate in an exchange of knowledge and insights 

✔️  Get regular EdTech news and stay updated on all upcoming technology, and the various advancements being made in the education space - and other Teacher 

✔️  Certificate for being a part of this community

We are changing the face of how classroom teaching will be. Forever. Be the thought partner behind it.

Join us in the Shunya’s Teachers for Teachers Community program.

Don’t be left behind.
Co-create the tools that were made for you !!

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