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 Announcing Shunya’s
First external Engineering Hackathon 🚀

Ekta Grover 
Founder, Shunya
21st Nov, 2020

Hi Guys,  

We often say at Shunya that we are not a sugar water company. We are young, vulnerable, but we have got our heads in the right place. We have markets to crack, demos to make, but we fundamentally believe that innovation comes from reflecting, and nurturing the collective success and the joy of building things together.  And that means thinking really long, and not jumping at every 30 cents we can get for a dollar tomorrow. Innovation by its very nature disrupts the fundamental rhythm of Business - and we choose to do that deliberately. 

Inside of the company we take raising the bar & investing in ourselves extremely seriously. We have had the hard conversations, pushed ourselves like a true sports pro-team (Who wants a consolation prize? We are gunning for the Olympics!), while we share the  occasional chai-pe-charcha and let some steam off. We might miss a few engineering demos here and there, but we still keep each other insanely accountable. We are real when things fail, we remember why we seated this journey in the first place and get right back on track.

Who are we looking for?

Mentors : People who will help define the problem statements for the team 

Engineers : 10 external engineers, who will support our primary team of 18 Folks across Engineering, Sales, Strategic         Research, Graphic Designing and UI/UX.

Why should you participate?

Chances are you found us because you know the story behind Shunya and what we are trying to create. This is also an opportunity for you to see how we look from the inside and participate in a different reality for a new generation of learning we are trying to create- all while also building your network of strong engineers, and hustlers just like yourself.

To further this spirit of innovation, we are announcing an invite-only grand Engineering hackathon 📣📣. at Shunya for which we are looking at strong mentors and about 10 engineers & hustlers - who will work with our team of 18 folks on a bunch of very very interesting problems on Machine learning , Sales productivity and Product design Artificial intelligence in Education.

Dates ?

🔴 Date : Friday 27th November 2020, Full day. 🔴

Demo day
: Monday, 30th November, 2020

Announcement of winners
- by majority voting & Leadership (Mentors) 

The team will work remotely on the problems that will be pre published by Wednesday, 25th November.

To register

Follow our Linkedin page to get more updates

Prizes ?

The top 3 teams will get exclusive Shunya Merchandise(Trust me our merchandise is worth killing for), and for the winning team, there is a cash prize worth INR 5000

No, you did not get the zeros wrong! We are frugal at innovating and we believe that through our purpose, we pull missionaries, who don’t care about the financial rewards, as much as engineering pride & excellence. 

Isn't it too little? Yes! But that’s the point. You should be here to build something beautiful which you actually enjoy, rather than doing it solely for the financial gratification.

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