Why should you  join a startup - the principle of compounding yourself!

Ekta Grover
November 10, 2020
7 Minutes

What is a Startup?

Startups are much like babies. Vulnerable at first. They need a village to raise - mentors, community, ecosystem, capital investment, and a group of passionate builders and hustlers wanting to build something bigger than themselves. They are fragile to external stimuli. During this process, they make mistakes, own and shoulder those mistakes, and which is how the learnings become deeper and the mark of maturity arrives. It is like many years of experience has been compressed, like space travel into wise pearls of lifelong learnings. And this phase is exciting, fast-paced, the thrill of building something of lasting value and a long-lasting legacy. 

Then they enter puberty - and start showing signs of tantrums and heavy-handedness, losing the mojo that got them started in the first place. During this time, they start measuring and rewarding the wrong things.

Then comes the last stretch aging - being the denial, receding into the glory that once was. Yet, there is a cushion, an almost deceiving comfort there. A strong complacency against the status-quo. Because it can feel too dis-orienting to change everything that got it there.  

Startups vs Big Brands

Often the pull of a big brand name is so much that young folks usually don't realize the difference between being a part of the machinery vs. making that damn machine and then making it work. The same things that feel comforting on a resume, tend to be seen as passivity and lack of growth mindset.

A growth mindset by definition pushes you to the phase where you can barely see the path but are willing to be comfortable. Everything else mostly is "number of years of experience". The (mostly) similar experience repeated for X years.

Why should you join a startup like Us?

Startups are risky, monetarily, especially If your cash component is offset with equity. But even in the worst-case scenario - you  still experience the upside. Because what you learn working on cross-cutting problems, working entrepreneurially, building a company is irreplaceable. Of course, that's assuming that you value learning over the immediate material gains.  

Concept of time and acceleration

Startups are about survival. The purpose, the shared beliefs goals and the lived experiences that become as a natural function of that. It's like, if we want to play amateur sports for staying fit, vs win a game like a pro and train likewise. And because start ups are hard - they don't just create good products, bring new technologies to the market, but create PEOPLE. And these people then become engine of growth, much like a virus spreads. A zero to one mindset that just rubs on itself and when you look back at everything that you scaled, you still feel the thrust to push more.

They say comfort is a drug. And so is ambition and fulfilment. And a start up is the best place to explore that. Because of the self selection that happens culturally.

Startups are not about the hustle alone. That is speed. They are about velocity. With Direction. Which is acceleration.

Instant Gratification vs Long Term Vision

In 1972, Stanford did the famous marshmallow experiment to see the response of kids for a choice between one small but immediate reward, or two small rewards if they waited for a period of time - and how these outcomes linked to the future outcomes of academic and professional success. The finds were clear - those who can persevere, have discipline and grit - go far in life than those falling for immediate rewards.
Startups are the perfect sweet spot that organically push you to make a brand of yourself in the process. They understand that the company grows only when you grow, which is very unlike being a part of the big machinery, often with broken, opaque feedback mechanisms, that do not translate to your growth. Much like pulling the weight of the whole machinery upon yourself. Let your  hunger define that autonomy and shoulder the responsibility you want to take. There is beauty in that vulnerability, a thrill of creating, the serendipity of discovering an imperfection, and resourcefully finding a way out - because a child has no fully-formed mental model.

In that fresh perspective -  knowledge arrives. 

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